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"IndiaOneStop.Com is a very impressive endeavor and one that is very much needed" -- The World Bank Group (South Asia External Relations)

"Our business with India is growing everyday, thanks to IndiaOneStop's services" -- Mr. Howard Waddell, Albion Armorers, Germantown, MD, United States of America.

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Who we are and why we are here

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Why host with IndiaOneStop.Com
Design-rich or content-rich: the balancing act
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Rates for hosting your independent website
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E-Commerce applications

WHY HOST WITH IndiaOneStop.Com?

  • Simply because you can avail of the already existing high-quality visitor traffic which our website enjoys. Such a quality of traffic stands explained by our concerted promotions and by the valuable services we provide free -- such as  a high-traffic trade board accessible to all free-of-charge, online consultation, free listings, trade and tender announcements and informed insights into India's top economic sectors plus a lot more.

  • All clients whose web pages are hosted on IndiaOneStop.Com will be named on our own home page with a hyper-link to the client's home page. Thus, every visitor to IndiaOneStop.Com will also be a potential visitor to the client's pages.

  • The URL of clients' home pages, if hosted as part of IndiaOneStop.Com will be: http://www.indiaonestop.com/X.htm, where X=client's name.



  • Some of our well-meaning   critics who specialise in design ask why IndiaOneStop.Com is such a "design thin" website.

  • Well, in our opinion, design is important to catch the eye and it has its very important place on the Internet. But for a business website such as ours, content and quick downloading are more important for winning visitor-loyalty.

  • The conventional printed magazine is a good example: you want to read powerful stories in it, not just admire some brilliant drawings  issue after issue.

  • There is more to web publishing than nifty graphics. Brilliant artistry can attract a visitor once or twice, but it is quality and depth of content that gives value in the eyes of the serious business visitor.

  • Besides, GRAPHIC-HEAVY WEBSITES ARE SLOW TO DOWNLOAD. Not everybody has the fastest modems. Business people, being busy, may not have the patience to wait (let alone pay) for some designer's dream to download.

  • That is why we at IndiaOneStop.Com are in favour of graphic-thin presentation. But this is a matter of opinion.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHARE OUR OPINION: if we host your site, we will abide by what YOU want, not what we believe in. We have all the means to produce the niftiest graphics if that is what you want for your pages.



(the URL of the client's home page will be: http://www.indiaonestop.com/X.html, where X=client's name)

First year of hosting
Up to three pages Rs. 3,000 (US$ 74) per year
Subsequent pages Rs. 1,500 (US$ 37) per page per year

Subsequent years of hosting

50 per cent of above prices

(Pages will be updated a reasonable number of times every year at NO additional cost).



(the URL of the client's website will be: http://www.X.com, where X=client's chosen name registered with InterNIC Registration Services.)

  • Hosting your own independent website on superfast reliable servers backed by generators in case of power failure (99.9 per cent guaranteed uptime).

This involves two steps:

Step one

Registration of your domain name with InterNIC Registration Services.

Charges: US$ 70 for the first two year, US$ 35 for every subsequent year.

Step two
Hosting fee for up to 8 megabytes: Rs. 7,500 (US$ 183) per year.
(8 megabytes is more than enough for most business websites. In the unlikely event of more disk space being required, a separate quote will be provided).


Pages will be updated a reasonable number of times every year at NO ADDITIONAL COST.



  • This facility is provided only to advertisers in IndiaOneStop.Com if they don't have, or don't want to have, their own home page or website. The purpose is to link their advertisement to a page that provides more details about their business which cannot be described in the very limited space normally available in advertising banners or panels. Click here to view advertising details. Or click here to continue reading about our web hosting services.



  • Simple design and page-making services are FREE to our customers who pay for web-hosting. More complicated (which we DON'T recommend for reasons mentioned above) design and page-making services will be charged at the rate of Rs.1,000 per working day for the number of days required from conceptualization to approval by the client. An estimate of the number of days required will be provided in advance.



  • It is not enough to have a website. It must be professionally promoted to search engines, directories, newsgroups, media, link pages etc. Our paying customers are provided such services at no extra cost.



  • Fifty per cent of total charges will have to be paid in advance and the balance on completion of work.

  • Payment to be made in favour of "Ontrack Systems Limited" by bank draft payable at Kolkata, India.

  • If payment is being in US dollars, it may preferably be drawn on any bank in Kolkata, India.



  • If you have read all of the above, and if you still need clarifications, please e-mail your queries to info@indiaonestop.com



E-Commerce, or Electronic Commerce, is the means by which actual trading is done through the Internet. This includes product introductions, order placements, confirmation, payment calculations and making payments - all done through the Internet.

Developing e-commerce applications cannot have a flat rate because requirements vary hugely from client to client, and so do prices. We have to thoroughly study a project before any quote can be given. Geographical location of the client does not matter, so we can serve clients regardless of how far or how close we are physically situated. E-mail us to communicate further on this subject.

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