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Glass & Ceramic Industries
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Structure of the project reports

IndiaOneStop.Com, through its network of professional consultants in a wide range of business and technological disciplines, is able to provide you with professionally prepared project reports on over 4500 different projects for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The reports are based on desk survey. They provide the pre-investment information required for promoters. Before setting up the project, it is necessary to assess the market potential for the goods proposed to be manufactured. These reports answer the most frequently asked questions on all the aspects of a new project such as:

  1. Introduction
  2. Properties
  3. Uses & Application
  4. B.I.S. Specifications
  5. Market Survey
  6. Raw Materials
  7. Manufacturing Process
  8. Process Description
  9. Process Flow Diagram
  10. Plant Layout
  11. Details of Plant & Machinery
  12. Suppliers of Raw Materials
  13. Suppliers of Plant & Machinery
  14. Principles of Plant Layout
  15. Plant Location Factors
  16. List of State Industrial Development Corporations (which provide financial and other incentives)
  17. Suggested Steps
  18. Plant Economics
  19. Land and Building Costs
  20. Plant and Machinery Costs
  21. Other Fixed Assets
  22. Fixed Capital Investment
  23. Raw Material Costs
  24. Salaries and Wages
  25. Utilities and Overheads
  26. Total Working Capital
  27. Cost of Project
  28. Total Capital Investment
  29. Cost of Production
  30. Turnover per Annum
  31. Profitability Analysis
  32. 5-year Profit Analysis
  33. Break-even Point
  34. Resources of Finance
  35. Interest Installment Chart
  36. Depreciation Chart
  37. Cash Flow Statement
  38. Projected Balance Sheet

Please note:

  • These project reports contain general guidelines for the promoters of new projects.

  • They are based on small factory considerations. Bigger manufacturing units will obviously entail higher costs than indicated in these reports.

  • Cost of land (or rent for buildings) mentioned in each of these reports is only indicative. This is because the cost of land (or rent) varies from place to place, and also depends on the incentives given by the industrial development authorities in the state or zone concerned.

  • Costs of machinery mentioned in the reports are rough estimates and are only indicative of machinery manufactured and/or procured within India.

For Field Studies, Project Consultancy Services, Risk Management and Insurance coverage the promoters are requested to e-mail us for a price quotation.

How to order
Reports available
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How to order

  • Payment terms: 100% in Advance along with order

  • For payment in INR: By Draft (issued by a Scheduled Bank) to be made in favour of ‘Ontrack Systems Limited’ payable at Kolkata.

  Alternately, the amount may be deposited to our Bankers under intimation to us:
  Bank Name : Axis Bank Limited
  Branch : Golpark
  Address : 20, Gariahat Road, Golpark, Kolkata -19, India
  A/C.NO. : 011010200010274
  Account Name : Ontrack Global Services Ltd
  For payment in USD our Bank details would be forwarded upon confirmation of Work Order.
  • Delivery: Within 10 Business days upon receipt of payment

  • One hard copy along with a soft copy in a floppy will be sent through courier.

  • Simultaneously, another soft copy will be sent as an attachment by Email

    For consultation fees for preparation of Project Report, please contact :

    C. V. Aiyar
    Head -
    Ontrack Systems Limited
    Y-18, Sector-V
    Salt Lake City
    Kolkata -700091, INDIA

    Mobile: (91) 9903087158
    Phone: (91 33) 2357 - 2555/2556/2557
    Fax: (91 33) 2357 – 2564
    E-mail :

Reports available
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The reports mentioned on this page will be based on desk research, NOT field research. They contain general guidelines for the promoters of new projects.

If the desk research reports give you reason to proceed with your project plans, we strongly recommend that you commission us field research assignment. The field research studies will be customized for you to include technical, commercial and financial feasibility aspects, as also market projections for the relevant product/s based on field studies within locations chosen by you. The cost of the field research reports will be separate. For field studies and project consultancy services, the promoters are requested to e-mail us for a separate price quotation.

In view of the intrinsic limitations of desk research, we disclaim every responsibility for any loss you may incur by acting solely on the basis of desk survey based project reports. The place of jurisdiction concerning the desk survey based Project Reports for SMEs submitted by IndiaOneStop.Com will be Calcutta, India.


Partial list of Items for which Project Reports could be prepared

Mechanical / Automobiles / Metallurgical Engineering Industries | Chemical and Allied Industries
Food Industries | Glass & Ceramic Industries | Miscellaneous


1 Absolute Filters for Biological and Air-Conditioning Application up to 5 HP
2 Adjustable Hospital Beds
3 Agricultural Implements
4 Air Brake Helical Coil
5 Air Compressors up to 5 HP for Spray Painting Repair Shops
6 Air Conditioning Ducting
7 Air Conditioning Repair Shops
8 Aluminium Alloy Wheels/Rims
9 Aluminium Alloys from Aluminium Scrap To Make Utensils (Induction Furnace Melted)
10 Aluminium Bottle Manufacturing (Gold Extrusion of Aluminium)
11 Aluminium Cans for Beer Packaging
12 Aluminium Caps for Injection Vails
13 Aluminium Extrusion Plant
14 Aluminium Furniture
15 Aluminium Sheet Rolling Mill
16 Aluminium Utensils
17 Animal Driven Implements
18 Animal Driven Vehicles
19 Anodised Aluminium Utensils
20 Anodizing of Aluminium
21 Antimony Oxide from Lead Scrap
22 Anvil (Steel Blocks Used in Forging shops)
23 ARC Welding Filter Glass
24 Arms & Blades for Wind Shield Wiper (Automobiles)
25 Auto Brakes System
26 Auto Electrical Wire Harness
27 Auto Flaps for Trucks & Buses
28 Auto Leaf Springs
29 Auto Tubes (All Range of Tubes)
30 Automobile Body Building (Trucks)
31 Automobile Gears
32 Automobile Piston Rings
33 Automobile Radiator Cores
34 Automobile Silencers
35 B.B. Axles (Bicycles)
36 B.B. Cups (Bicycles)
37 B.B. Shells (Bicycles)
38 Ball Point Pen Refills
39 Ball, Roller & Taper Bearing
40 Band Saw Blades
41 Barbed Wire
42 Battery Terminal Lifters
43 Bauxite Mining and Aluminium Metal Preparation
44 Beam Scales
45 Bell Metal Domestic Utensils
46 Belt Fastener
47 Bench Grinders (Double Ended) Size 150 MM to 300 MM
48 Bicycle Carrier
49 Bicycle Cotter Pins
50 Bicycle Frames

51 Bicycle Handles
52 Bicycle Spokes
53 Bicycles Hubs - Assembly
54 Bicycles Leather Top Seats (Saddles)
55 Bicycles Locks
56 Bicycles Tube Valve
57 Blacksmith’s Hearths
58 Bolts, Studs & Screws - All Types (Bicycles)
59 Bottle Washers (Twisted Wire Brush)
60 Brass Badges by Etching Process
61 Brass Casting (Pollution Control)
62 Brass Utensils
63 Brass Watch Cases & Screws (All Types for Bicycles)
64 Bright Bars
65 Brushes with Natural Bristles and Paint Brushes
66 Buffing and Polishing Industry (Job Work)
67 Builders’ Hardware (Aluminium Hinges, Tower Bolts, Handles)
68 Bulb Horns
69 Butt Hinges of Brass Sheet
70 Camber Testing Equipment (Used by Automobile Leaf Spring Manufacturers)
71 Carbide Tipped Tools (Single Point Brazed Carbide Bits)
72 Carbon Brush Holder & Slip Ring
73 Carbon DI-Oxide Shielded Welding Electrodes Wire
74 Carbon DI-Oxide Welding Wire Electrodes (Copper/Copper Alloy Coated M.S. Wire)
75 Carburettors
76 Cast Steel Panes for Melting Furnace
77 Centrifugal Pumps
78 Chaff Cutter Blades
79 Chaff Cutters (To Cut Fodder into Small Pieces)
80 Chain Line Base Measuring Apparatus Ranging Rods
81 Chain Wheel & Crank Forgings - Bicycle
82 Chains Cover (Quarter Chain Cover for Bicycles)
83 Chains Lashing (Used in Railways to Fasten Goods in Open Type Wagon)
84 Chemical Etching of Stainless Steel
85 Chemical Resistant Iron & Steel
86 Chisels, Sickles & Scythes
87 Cigarette Lighters
88 Circlips (Used in Automobiles)
89 Clutch Plates
90 Cocks and Valves
91 Cold Forming Section Mill
92 Cold Rolled Forming of Section and Other Sections
93 Cold Rolling if M.S. Strips
94 Cold Twisted Deformed Ribbed Steel
95 Concrete Mixer
96 Conduit Pipes - Metallic
97 Cones, Hubs Cones - Bicycles
98 Continuously Cast Steel Wire Rods (5 MM DIA)
99 Conveyor Belt
100 Cooking Range

101 Coolant Pumps
102 Copper Foil
103 Copper Products from Scrap
104 Copper Smelting Plant
105 Copper Wire Rods from Copper Scrap
106 Copper/Brass Sheets Circle & Utensils
107 Corrugated Steel Sheets (Galvanized) for Roofings
108 Cotton Delinting Machines up to 5 HP
109 Cross Staff (Accessory for Survey Instrument at Site)
110 Crow Bars (Sabals) - Used for Shifting Heavy Articles Manually
111 Crown Cork (Bottle Stopper for Beer)
112 Cuff-Links, Tie-Pins, Metallic Dress Buttons & Buckles
113 Cup Board & Drawer Locks
114 Cycle Bells
115 Cycle Dynamo
116 Cycle Stands & Other Cycle Accessories
117 Cylinder Linear for Automobiles
118 Cylinder Liners
119 ‘D’ Nuts - Bicycles
120 Dairy Equipment
121 Decoiler and Sheet Shearing Plant
122 Decorticated Coir
123 Diagonal Scale, Protractor, Flat Rules & Triangular Scales
124 Diesel Engine (Slow Speed) up to 15 HP
125 Diesel Engine Pump Tester
126 Disc Harrows (Used for Preparation of Seed Beds in Farming)
127 Dividers (Drawing Instrument)
128 Dog Plates (Accessory for Lathes)
129 Domestic Pressure Cookers
130 Domestic Utensils - Aluminium
131 Domestic Utensils - Copper
132 Domestic Utensils - Iron
133 Door Locks
134 Doors, Windows and Ventilators (Metallic)
135 Drafting Machine
136 Drawing Boards
137 Drawing Instruments - Engineering
138 Drill Bits and Tool Bits
139 Drilling Machine 12 MM (Bench and Pedestal Type)
140 Drum Closures
141 Dumpy Levels and Sextants (Survey Instruments)
142 Duplicating Machines
143 Dust Bin
144 Earth Moving Equipments
145 Embroidered Woollen/Cotton Knitted Shawls
146 Engine Valves
147 Engineering Scale
148 Engineers’ Level, Ghat Tracer and Optical Square (Surveying Instruments)
149 ERW Steel Conduit Pipe
150 Etching of Stainless Steel & Other Material

151 Exhaust Mufflers
152 Expanded Metal (Used for Purposes such as Fencing, Re-inforcing Concrete, Poultry Cages)
153 Eyebolt Nut Cycle (Bicycles)
154 Fabrication of Heat Exchanger
155 Fabrication of Storage Tanks and M.S. Drum
156 Feeler Gauges (Measuring Instruments)
157 Fender Spoons and Hammers (Fender Kit for Removing Dents in Automobiles)
158 Ferrous Alloy NI-Hard IV Castings
159 Ferrous Mn Alloy Casting by Alumina Thermic Process
160 Fibre Brushes (For Cleaning Domestic & Industrial Floorings)
161 File Mechanism (To Hold Loose Sheets in Office Files)
162 Filter for Diesel Locomotive
163 Fire Extinguishers
164 Flaring Tools to Flare Pipe Ends
165 Flexible Metallic Pipes up to 35 MM Dia for Non-Pressure Application
166 Flip-Top Cans
167 Forged Connecting Rod
168 Forging Unit
169 Fork (Agricultural Implement)
170 Foundry Sand
171 Four Jaw Chucks (Spare parts for Lathes)
172 Frame Collars - Cycle (Cycle Frame Cup)
173 French Corners & Set Square (For Drawing Office Use)
174 Front Fork - Cycle
175 Fuel Injection System
176 Fuel Lines - Auto (For Petrol and Diesel Engines)
177 Fuel Tank Caps for Automobiles
178 G.I. Bath Tubs (Made of Galvanized Iron Sheet)
179 G.I. Buckets (For Household Use, especially in Rural Areas)
180 Galvanized Iron (G.I.) Wire
181 Gas Appliances (Cooking Ranges)
182 Gas Lighters (Mechanical)
183 Gas Welding Torches and Nozzles
184 Gasket of Assorted Size for Automobiles
185 Gasket Sheet (Asbestos Free) from Pipes
186 Gate Grills & Window Frame
187 Gate Hooks
188 Generating Set (Diesel)
189 Ghamelas (Mortar Pans for Masonry and Road Construction)
190 Grain Dryers (For Farm Products)
191 Grease Guns (For Automobiles and Machines)
192 Grease Nipples (For Automobiles and Machines)
193 Guide Pins Used in Cycles
194 Gun Metal Bushes (Spare Parts for All Machines)
195 Hacksaw Blades
196 Hair Brushes
197 Hair Pins/Hair Clips
198 Hammers (Hand Hammers)
199 Hand Hacksaw Frame
200 Hand Lamps (For General Purposes)

201 Hand Lamps (For Use in Industrial Establishments)
202 Hand Numbering Machine (To Put Numbers on Bills, Account Books, etc.)
203 Hand Pumps (For use in Wells, Tube wells)
204 Hand Shovels (For Material Handling)
205 Hand Stapling Machine
206 Hand Threading Tap Holders (For Engineering Workshops)
207 Hand Tools - Pliers
208 Hand Tools (For Blacksmithy, Carpentry, Hand Forging, Foundry, etc)
209 Hand/Animal Drawn Carriage Fittings, Tonga Parts and Wheel Rings
210 Hand-Drawn Carts of All Types
211 Handles and Locks for Automobiles
212 Hand-Operated Blower (For Blacksmithy, Goldsmithy, Brass & Metals Workshops)
213 Hard Anodised Aluminium
214 Hob Nails (For Heavy Shoes)
215 Hoes (Small Agricultural Implement)
216 Hospital Furniture (Enamelled)
217 Hot Dip Galvanizing
218 Hot Mix Plant
219 Household Knitting machine
220 Hub Axle Nuts (Hexagonal Nuts)
221 Hub Caps (For Automobiles)
222 Hub Oil Clips - Bicycles
223 Hurricane Lantern
224 Hydraulic Jacks up to 30 Ton Capacity
225 Hypodermic Needles (Surgical Instrument)
226 Insecticides Dusters - Manual
227 Insecticides Sprayers - Manual
228 Investment Casting
229 Iron & Steel Wire Gauge
230 Iron and Steel Cots - All Types Made of Mild Steel Conduit Pipes
231 Iron Ore Pellets
232 Kick for Scooters
233 King Pins and Shackle pins (For Automobiles)
234 Kitchen Sink (S.S.)
235 Knives and Shredding Blades of Various Types (Cotton Ginning, Tea Cutting, Leather Work)
236 Kudali (For Digging in Agriculture, Excavation, Gardening)
237 Lamp Brackets for Bicycles
238 Lamp Holders for Electrical Bulbs
239 Lamps for Bicycles
240 Levellers for Land, Cultivators for Tilling
241 Light Structurals (Used in Erection work)
242 Liquid Level Controllers (For Small Tanks/ Engine rooms)
243 Lock Nuts and Rings - Bicycles
244 Low Speed Gears (For use in Agricultural Machines/ Threshers Made of Cast Iron/Mild Steel)
245 LPG Regulator (For Domestic Purpose)
246 Luggage Carriers (For Automobiles)
247 Lugs (All Types for Bicycles)
248 M.S. and C.I. Flanges (Made of Mild Steel and Cast Iron for Pipe Line Fitting)
249 M.S. Hinges
250 M.S. Ingot Andhr. Steel Structurals

251 M.S. Ingot by Induction Furnace
252 M.S. Pipe Fittings up to 100 MM Dia
253 M.S. Storage Tanks up to 15,000 Litres Storage Capacity
254 Machine Screws (Except Socket Head & Special Types)
255 Machine Shop Vices- Fixtures for Holding(Bench Vices for Manufacturing and Repair Shops)
256 Machine Vices for Machine Tools
257 Magnesium Ingots & Billets Casting)
258 Manufacture of Tin Containers
259 Mark II Hand Pump Manufacturing
260 Maruti Workshop Cum-Service Station
261 Measuring Chains (Surveying Chains)
262 Measuring Tapes - Steel
263 Meat and Food Safes (Made of Metallic Wire Nets)
264 Mechanical Screws Jacks for Lifting Vehicles etc.( Up to 30 Tonnes Capacity)
265 Mechanical Toys
266 Metal Cabinet (Box -like Structures)- All Types
267 Metal Cutting Die Design
268 Metal Cutting Off and Grinding Wheels (Abrasive Cutting Wheels)
269 Metal Fittings for Leather Goods and Garments
270 Metal Hooks & Clips
271 Metallic Buttons
272 Metallic Gasket (Spiral Wound)
273 Metallic Ring Joints
274 Metallic Washers (Used with Nuts and Bolts for Fastening)
275 Mica (Block) Grinding
276 Micro & Absolute Filter
277 Microscope (Student and Medical Use)
278 Microwave Oven
279 Mild Steel Ingots
280 Mini Steel Plant
281 Modern Vehicle Workshop
282 Mono Block Water Lifting Pumps
283 Moped
284 Movers (For Lawns)
285 Mud Guard Made of Steel Sheets- Bicycle
286 Mufflers & Silencers for Three Wheelers
287 Nail Cutters
288 Nichrome Wire
289 Nickel Lined Industrial Screens
290 Non Ferrous Alloy Rolling
291 Non Ferrous Forging
292 Non Ferrous Foundry
293 Non Pressure Incandescent Lamp
294 Number Combination Locks for Luggage’s
295 Nuts & Bolts Paper Coated Aluminium and Copper Wire
296 Oil Crusher and Oil Crusher Parts (Oil Expeller)
297 Ornamental Fittings for Automobiles
298 Other Brushes (Fibre, Bristle and Wire Brushes)
299 Other Cutlery Items (Spoons, forks, table knives, bread cutter, etc made of Stainless Steel)
300 Other Drawing, Mathematical and Survey instruments like Compass, Elliptical Trammels, etc.)

301 Pad Locks for Doors, Safes, Almirahs, Trunks, etc.
302 Paint Brushes and Brushes with Natural Bristles
303 Painting Equipment like Spray Guns, etc.
304 Panel Pins and Shoe Tacks (For Repairing Shoes, Chappals, etc.)
305 Paper Pins
306 Pedal Assembly Cycle
307 Pen Holders (Writing purposes)
308 Pen Nibs
309 Pencil Sharpener
310 Pencils
311 Perambulator
312 Persian Wheels (Used for Lifting Water out of Wells, Ponds, Nullahs, etc)
313 Petromax Container
314 Photo Etching of Stainless Steel Plates
315 Photographic Enlargers
316 Pickers - Metallic (Parts of Looms)
317 Pilfer-Proof Caps (Used by Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Distilleries Industries)
318 Pipe Galvanizing Plant
319 Piston Rings for Automobiles
320 Plane Meters (Mathematical Instrument)
321 Plane Table Equipment (Survey Instrument)
322 Plant Protection Equipments
323 Platinum Laboratory Apparatus
324 Ploughs and Plough Shears
325 Postal Weighing Scales
326 Poultry Equipment
327 Power Hacksaw
328 Pre Sensitized (P S) for Plates of Aluminium Offset Printing
329 Pressure Cooker & Aluminium Utensils
330 Pressure Die Casting
331 Pressure Gauges (For Air Compressors, Gas Cylinders, Processing Plants, Boilers, etc)
332 Pressure Stoves (For Domestic & Hotels Use)
333 Printed Aluminium Collapsible Tubes
334 Printed Container
335 Printing Press (Cylinder Machine)
336 Prismatic Compass (Surveying Equipment)
337 Projector (Including Overhead Projectors)
338 Pullers (Wheel Extractors)
339 Pumps for Chemical Industry (Special)
340 Quartz Power
341 Racks - All Types (Made of Iron and Steel)
342 Rail and Plate Screws (Used to Clamp Rail Lines)
343 Railway Slippers (Mild Steel)
344 Razor Twin Blade
345 Razors (Used by Barbers for Shaving)
346 RCC Spun Pipes
347 Reapers (Harvesting Machines)
348 Rear View Mirror - For automobiles
349 Re-Rolling Mills
350 Re-Rolling of Copper And Brass (Sheet and Rods)

351 Resin Coated Sand
352 Resin Cored Soft Solder Strips
353 Revolution counters - Mechanical (Used to Count Parts/Items Produced by A Machine)
354 Rice and Dal Mill Machinery
355 Rims - Cycle and Rickshaw
356 Ring Compressor (Garage Tool for Fitting Rings to Piston)
357 Ring Expander, Toe in Gauge, Gear Flushers (For Automobiles)
358 Rivets of All Types (Including Bifurcated for Use in Leather, Bicycles, Packing, etc)
359 Roller Bearing And Forging of Outer and Inner
360 Rolling of Stainless Steel Patta
361 Rolling Shutters
362 Room Coolers (Desert Type Used To Cool Rooms, Offices, Hotels and Restaurants)
363 Round Drums (Up to 60 Ltr. Capacity Used for Packing Chemicals)
364 Rubber Insulated Pliers (Hand Tools)
365 Rubbing Compound for Automobiles
366 S.G. Iron & Alloy Steel Casting
367 Sachet Filling Machine for Pouches (For Filling Liquid/Semi-Liquid products)
368 Safe Cabinet Locks
369 Safety Pins (Used to Fasten Dresswear of Light and Thin Cloth)
370 Sanitary Fixtures for Bathrooms and Toilets (Aluminium)
371 Saw Blades (Used in Band Saw Blades to Saw Timber)
372 School Slates
373 Scientific and Laboratory Equipments
374 Scissors (Surgical, Garments, Leather Industries and Office Uses)
375 Screw Drivers
376 Screw Presses (Manually Operated for Sheet metal Working)
377 Seamless M.S. Tubes & Pipes
378 Seat Cushions ( For Chairs and Sofas in Houses and for Seats in Automobiles)
379 Secondary Lead Extraction from Scrap Battery Plates, Pipe & Sheets
380 Seed Bins - Metallic (for Safe Storage of seeds)
381 Seed Cleaners and Other Agricultural Machinery up to 5 HP
382 Seed Drills (Used to Place Seeds in Narrow Spaced Rows)
383 Seed Treaters (Used to Treat Seeds against Fungus and Insects)
384 Self, Tapping Steel Screws
385 Sewing Machines - Domestic Hand Operated , Conventional Type
386 Sewing Needles
387 Sheep Shearing Machine (Electrically Operated to Shear Wool)
388 Sheet Metal Product (Ferrous/Non-Ferrous)
389 Shell Huskers (For Dehusking Grains and Pulses)
390 Ship Container
391 Shock Absober
392 Shoe Eyelets (Used in Shoes, Boots, Stationery, Tarpaulin Upholstery, etc)
393 Shoe Nails (For Animals)
394 Shot and Grits by Automization Process
395 Shovels
396 Shuttle
397 Side, Spot, Tail and Stop Lamps & Ashtrays Assembly (All Automobiles)
398 Signal Ladders (For Railways)
399 Signal Lamp and Hand Lamp (For Railways and Docks)
400 Silencers (Mufflers) Exhaust & Tail Pipes for All Type of Vehicles

401 Silver Utensils
402 Simple Cone Pulley Driven Lathes up to 2000 MM Bed Length
403 Sintered Bearing
404 Sintered Bushes
405 Sintered Metal Products
406 Slide Rules (Mathematical Instrument)
407 Small Springs (Required for Various Mechanical/Electrical Instruments)
408 Small Turning, Boring, Threading Machine (Single or Multi-Purpose Operation)
409 Snap Fasteners (Press buttons Used in Dresses)
410 Soft and Hard Ferrites
411 Spanners (6 MM to 17 MM)
412 Spark Plug Cleaning and Testing Machine (For Automobile Sector)
413 Special Pumps for Chemical Industry
414 Spectacles Hinges
415 Spheridal Graphite Cast Iron
416 Spokes, Nipples and Washers (For Wheel Assembly of 2 and 3-Wheelers)
417 Spray Dryer
418 Spring Calipers (For Measuring Outside and Inside Diameters)
419 Spring Washers
420 Square Tin Containers Capacity 18.5 Ltrs. (For Edible Non-Edible Oils)
421 Stainless Steel Casting by Induction ARC Furnace
422 Stainless Steel Ingots
423 Stainless Steel Sheet Rolling Manufacture of S. S. Utensils
424 Stainless Steel Utensils
425 Staple Pins, Paper Pin, Gem Clips, etc.
426 Steadies (Special Accessory for Lathes)
427 Steel Almirahs
428 Steel Balls (For Assembly of Bicycles)
429 Steel Casting
430 Steel Chairs - All Types
431 Steel Cupboards and Racks
432 Steel Foundry
433 Steel Furnitures and Electrical Appliances
434 Steel Plant
435 Steel Rods and Coils from Scraps
436 Steel Rolling Mill
437 Steel Strips (Cold Rolled) Silicon with Grain Oriented for Electric Use
438 Steel Tables - All Types
439 Steel Tables - Hospitals
440 Steel Trunks - For Household use
441 Steel Vaults, Safes and Cash Boxes
442 Steel Wool
443 Steering Wheels - Automobiles
444 Sterilizers - Stainless Steel and Aluminium (For Sterilizing Medical Tools)
445 Storage Bins - Steel (For Storage of Grains and Other products)
446 Stranded Wire/Galvanized Stay Wires (For Telephone, Telegraph and Electricity Poles)
447 Stud/Screw Extractors/Removers
448 Submerged Pump Manufacturing
449 Sun Shades - For Automobiles
450 Sun Visiors - For 3-Wheelers and Cars

451 Super Enamel Aluminium Wire and Super Enamell Copper Wire from Scrap
452 Super Enamelled Copper Wire
453 Tabular Poles of M.S. & High Tensile Steel
454 Tee (For Engineering Drawings on Drawing Boards)
455 Tee Square
456 Three Wheelers
457 Time Pieces (Mechanical Winding with Conventional Alarm)
458 Tin Containers
459 Tin Cutters, Pincers, Wire Cutters and Nail Pullers (Hand Tools)
460 Tin Trays - Made of Steel Sheets for Household/Hotels
461 Tool Room (To Serve about 1000 Small Engineering Units)
462 Tractor Trailor
463 Transmission Power Fitting
464 Tricycle and Perambulator Parts and Accessories
465 Tricycles for Children
466 Trolleys - For Railway Platform Drinking water
467 Trolleys, Stretchers & Other Furniture (For Hospitals)- Iron and Steel
468 Tube Cutters and Flanging Tools (Small Tools for Hydraulic Tubes and Pipes Installation)
469 Tubular Poles
470 Tubular Poles for Electrical Transmission (By Fabrication Process)
471 Tumbler Locks (For Doors, Windows, Almirahs, Trunks)
472 Tyre Inflators (Hand Operated)
473 Tyre Valve Pull-Out Tools (Valve Dies)- For Removing Tyre Tube Valves
474 Umbrella Ribs and Fittings
475 Umbrellas
476 Vacuum Cleaners
477 Vacuum Flask (Stainless Steel)
478 Valve Lifters and Ring Expander (For Auto Repair Shops)
479 Valve Replacing and Resetting Tools
480 Valves for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
481 Vehicle Welding & Painting
482 Venetion Blind
483 Wall Clocks
484 Washing Machines (Automatic & Computerised)
485 Watch Dials
486 Watch Straps - Metallic
487 Water Coolers
488 Water Level Controller (Automatic)
489 Water Meter
490 Weighing Machine/Weigh Bridges
491 Welded Wire Mesh (For Cement Concrete Work in Buildings, roads, Bridges, Dams)
492 Wheat and Paddy Threshers up to 5 HP
493 Wheel Barrows (For Carrying Construction Materials for Short Distances)
494 Wheel Chairs for Invalids
495 Wick Stoves
496 Wind Mill
497 Window Channels - For Automobiles
498 Window Frame (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous)
499 Winnower up to 5 HP (Agricultural Machinery)
500 Wire Adjusting Screws (Stay Rods for Telephone, Telegraph, Electric Poles)

501 Wire Brushes (For Use By Goldsmiths, Welders, Electricals, etc.)
502 Wire Gauges, Wire Netting -Metallic (Thicker Than 100 Mesh Size)
503 Wire Nails (For Domestic and Industrial Use)
504 Wood Screws (For Wooden Furniture, Packaging, Railway Carriages)
505 Wood Working Circular Saws
506 Wrenches (Pipe Wrenches)
507 Wrist Watch
508 X-Ray Equipment
509 Zinc Wire Drawing
510 Zip Fasteners (Metallic)

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(Incl. Plastics, Paper, Rubber, Oils, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals) :

511 Absorbent Cotton (Surgical Cotton)
512 Acetic Acid from Ethanol
513 Acetic Anhydride
514 Acetylene Black
515 Acetylene Gas and Oxygen (Integrated Unit)
516 Acid Slurry by Manual Process
517 Acrylic Sheets (Measuring Instruments, Auto Components, Buttons, Transparent Casings)
518 Activated Alumina
519 Activated Bleaching Earth (Activated Fullers Earth)
520 Activated Carbon & Sodium Silicate from Paddy & Rice Husk
521 Activated Carbon from Cashew Nut Shell
522 Activated Carbon from Rice Husk Coconut Shell and Coconut Powder
523 Activated Carbon from Wood
524 Activated Carbon Powder & Granule from Coconut Shell
525 Aerosol Insecticides Spray (Baygon, Hit, Mortien type)
526 Agarbati Synthetic Perfumery Compounds
527 Agarbatti Sticks
528 Alcohol from Potato
529 Alcohol from Rice Husk
530 Alkyd Resin (Synthetic Resin for Manufacturing Paints)
531 Alkylated Phenol like Nonyl Phenol Dodecyl Phenol
532 Alum for Water Treatment
533 Aluminium Hydroxide Gel (Used as Antacid in Ulcers and hyper-acidity)
534 Aluminium Ingot from Bauxite
535 Aluminium Phosphate
536 Aluminium Phosphide
537 Amines and Allied Products
538 Ammonia Gas
539 Ammonia Gas Bottling
540 Ammonia Liquor
541 Ammonia Paper, Ferroprussiate Paper, Reproduction Tracing Paper
542 Ammonium Chloride (Pure & Technical)
543 Aniline
544 Anthranilic Acid from Phthalic Anhydride
545 Anthraquinone
546 Antimony Trioxide
547 Argon Gas
548 Arts Colours - Oil, Water and Wax Based)
549 Auto Rubber Components & Rubber Washers
550 Azo Dyes (Direct and Acid)

551 Azodicarbonamide
552 Baking Soda from Soda Ash
553 Barium Carbonate
554 Barium Compounds (Used in Paints, Pigments, Rubber and Fire Works)
555 Barium Peroxide
556 Barium Thio-Sulphate Benzene
557 Basic Dyes - Used in the Paper and Printing Industries
558 Benzyl Acetate
559 Benzyl Alcohol
560 Benzyl Chloride and Benzyl Benzoate (Used as Drug Intermediates)
561 Beta Naphthol
562 Bi-Chromate of Sodium, Potassium & Ammonium
563 Bitumanised Water Proof Paper (Used for Packing Consumer and Industrial Products)
564 Bituminous Road Emulsion
565 Black Phenyl
566 Black Sulphur
567 Blow Moulded Plastic Containers (For Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Solvents, Acids)
568 Bone Crushing Plant
569 Boric Acid
570 Butanol
571 Cadmium Cyanide (Used in Corrosion Protection Industry)
572 Cadmium Salts (Used as Laboratory Reagent in Photography)
573 Caffein from Tea Waste
574 Calcium Aluminate
575 Calcium Carbide
576 Calcium Carbonate (Precipitated) from By Product (Lime Slurry and Carbon Dioxide)
577 Calcium Chloride (Used as desiccant, antifreeze, antidust and conditioning agent)
578 Calcium Gluconate (Used in the Treatment of Calcium Deficiency)
579 Calcium Nitrate
580 Calcium Silicate Bricks
581 Camel Back (Retreaded Rubber) - Used for Retreading and Repairing Tyres)
582 Carbon Black from Fertilizer Waste
583 Carbon Dioxide
584 Carbon Paper (For Typewriters, Computer Printers, Handwriting)
585 Carboxy Methyl Starch
586 Casein and By Products
587 Caustic Soda Chlorine and Hydrogen Gas by Electrolysis of Brine Solution
588 Caustic Soda from Trona
589 Cellulose Acetate Moulding Powder
590 Cellulose Powder and Micro Crystalline Cellulose Powder
591 Cement Colour
592 Cement from Fly Ash & Lime
593 Cement Tiles Glazed Double firing (Heating)
594 Chelated Zinc (ZN EDTA)
595 Chemicals from Prawn Head
596 Chloral Hydrate
597 Chloramphenicol
598 Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (Indispensable Compound for Rubber and Plastic Industries)
599 Chromic Acid
600 Citric Acid from Lemon

601 Citric Acid from Molasses
602 Cleaning of Cooling System and Boiler
603 Cobalt Octoate
604 Composite Containers (For Packing Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food Products, Etc.)
605 Compost for Mushroom
606 Compression Moulded Plastic Goods (Automobile & Electrical Accessories and Fittings)
607 Contact Lenses (Made from Plastic Material)
608 Copper Extraction from Slag by Electrolytic Methods
609 Copper Oxychloride
610 Copper Salts(Copper Nitrate/Chloride/Carbonate/Oxychloride)- For Paints, Insecticides, etc.
611 Copper Sulfate (Dyes, Insecticides, Electroplating Salts, Soil Dressing)
612 Corrugated Fibre Board (For Packing Industrial and Consumer Goods)
613 Corrugated Fibre Board Containers (For Packing Industrial and Consumer Goods)
614 Coumarin
615 Decorative Papers (Packaging Presentation Articles)
616 De-Nickeling (Electrolytic Process)
617 Dextrose Monohydrate and Dextrose Anhydrous Powder from Tapioca Starch
618 DI Calcium Phosphate
619 DI Ethyl Oxalate
620 DI Methyl Orthophthalate
621 DI Octyl Phthalate (Dop)
622 Dialkyl Phthalates (Used as Plasticisers in Plastics, Rubber and Paints Industries)
623 Dichlorophenol (For Manufacturing Weedicide)
624 Diclofenac Sodium Slow Release (SR) Tablets
625 Dimethyl Formamide
626 Dimethyl Sulfate (Used as Intermediate in Pharmaceuticals, Dyes)
627 Dinitro-Chloro Benzene
628 Diphenyl Glycerine
629 Diphenyl Oxide
630 Distillation of Natural, Essential Oil Bearing Plants (Such as Eucalyptus)
631 Distilled Water
632 Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate
633 Drinking Straw (Wax Coated Disposable Tube)
634 Dry Distempers (Belongs to Paints and Varnishes Category)
635 Duplicating Stencil Paper (For Duplicating Copies)
636 Electroless Nickel Plating on Plastics
637 Endosulfan
638 Ethyl Acetate
639 Ethyl Alcohol (Potable Liquor)
640 Ethyl Hexanol
641 Exercise Books and Registers
642 Extraction of Acid Oil from Soap Stock
643 Fabricated Plastic Products (Furniture, Light Fixtures, Giftware, Auto Components, etc)
644 Fast Colour Bases (For Use in Textile industries)
645 Ferric Alum (Used for Water purification)
646 Ferro Chrome Ligno Sulphonate
647 Ferro Manganese
648 Ferro Silicone
649 Ferro Vanadium from Vanadium Sludge
650 Ferrous Silicate

651 Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Products (FRP) - Truck Bodies, Luggage, Electrical Appliances
652 File Covers, File Boards and Letter Pads
653 Fire Works
654 Floor Polish
655 Fluorescent Tube Light Powder
656 Formaldehyde
657 Fountain Pen and Ball Point Pen Components
658 Fountain Pen and Ball Point Pens
659 Fractional Distillation of DMO (Dementholized Oil)
660 Fractional Distillation of Essential Oil & Medicinal Plant Extract
661 Furfural from Rice Husk
662 Gasket Shellac Compound
663 Gibberellic Acid
664 Glycerine
665 Glycerine Monostearate
666 Glycerophoric Acid and Glycerophosphate (Used in Medicinal Tonics)
667 Gossypol (Poly Phenol) from Cotton Seed Oil
668 Gummed Paper for Stamps & Other Applications
669 Gummed Paper Tape (Used for Cartons and Packages)
670 H-Acid
671 Hair Oil
672 Halogenated Hydroxyquinolines (For Use in Pharmaceuticals)
673 Hard Rubber Battery Containers
674 Heptaldehyde
675 Hessian Paper and Cloth to Polyethylene Laminations (For Packaging)
676 High Carbon Ferro Chrome
677 High Density Polyethene (HDPE) Polypropylene Woven Sacks
678 High density Polyethylene (HDPE) Polypropylene Monofilament
679 Hoses (Rubber) - For Transportation of Fluids
680 Hot Water Bottles & Ice Bags (Rubber Moulded)
681 Hydrated Calcium Silicate Brick
682 Hydrated Lime from Sea Shell
683 Hydrochloric Acid
684 Hydrogen Peroxide (By Auto-Oxidation Process)
685 Indigo (Natural Blue Dyes)
686 Industrial Adhesives Based on Starch, Gum Dextrin and Silicates
687 Industrial Alcohol
688 Inks - Writing Ink/Fountain Pen Ink
689 Integrated Complex of Easter & Allied Products (DOP, DBP, Ethyl Acetate, Butylacetate Wire Enamel 
      & Cable Jelly)
690 Iron Oxide for Making Ferrites
691 Isopropyl Xanthate (Used in Froth Flotation Process for Separation of Ores)
692 Laboratory Chemicals & Re-Agents (Acids & Solvents)
693 Laboratory Chemicals (Inorganic Salt)
694 Lactic Acid from White Sugar by Fermentation Process
695 Lanolin Anhydrous (Used in Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Formulations)
696 Latex Foam (Domestic and Industrial Uses)
697 Latex Rubber Balloons
698 Latex Rubber Thread & Heat Resisting Rubber Thread (Used in Elastic Tapes/Fabrics)
699 Lead Extraction from Battery Scrap
700 Lead Oxide (A) Lead Monoxide (B) Lead Tetra Oxide (C) Grey Lead Oxide

701 Lead Stearate
702 Liquid Floor Polish
703 Liquid Oxygen Bottling Plant
704 Liquid Shoe Polish
705 Lithium based Grease
706 Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Films with Thickness Less than 1 mm (Packing Films)
707 Lube Oil Viscosity Improver for P.P.G/P.E.G.
708 Lubricants Ashless 100% Combustion
709 Magnesium Carbonate and Magnesium Bi-Carbonate
710 Magnesium Hydroxide Powder
711 Magnesium Silicate
712 Magnesium Sulfate (For Use in Pharmaceuticals)
713 Maleic Anhydride
714 Manganese Acetate
715 Manufacturing of Carbon Mono-Oxide Water Gas
716 Matches
717 Menthol Bold Crystal from Flakes
718 Menthol Crystal
719 Menthol Crystal and Mentha Oil
720 Mercuric Oxide
721 Metal Polish
722 Metal Pretreatment Chemicals
723 Metallic Stearates - Of Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium & Aluminium (Additives in Chemical Ind.)
724 Methane Gas from Sodium Acetate and Soda Lime
725 Methyl Acetyl Ricinolate
726 Methyl Salicylate (Used in Pharmaceutical Preparations)
727 Metol
728 Metol from Hydroquinone & Methyl Amine
729 Micanite
730 Micro Nutrient Mixtures
731 Microcellular Sheets (Rubber) - Used in Footwear
732 Micronised Powder of Calcite Stone Grinding
733 Mineral Water
734 Mini Cement Plant (By Rotary Kiln Process)
735 Mixed Fertilizer
736 Mono Chloro Acetic Acid
737 Monocrotophos Technical
738 Mosquito Coil
739 Naphthalene Balls
740 Naphthols (For Dyes in Textiles)
741 Nickel Formate (To Produce Catalyst for Vanaspati Industry)
742 Nickel Salts, Nickel Electroplating Salts (Sulfate, Chloride and Carbonate)
743 Nickel Sulphate
744 Nicotine from Tobacco Waste
745 Nicotine Sulphate from Tobacco Waste
746 Nicotinic Acid & Niacinamide (For Use in Pharmaceuticals)
747 Nitro Benzene
748 Nitro Cellulose Sanding Sealer/Lacquor
749 Nitro Musk
750 Nitrogen and Oxygen Gas Plant

751 Non-Ionic Surfactant (Wetting Agent)
752 Nylon Zip Fasteners - Used in Ready Made Garments, Novelties, Bags, etc
753 Octanol
754 Office Gum Paste
755 Oil Seals - Rubber Used in Machines and Automobiles
756 Optical Whitening Agent for Cotton
757 Ortho Amino Phenol (Dye Intermediate)
758 Ortho Nitro Phenol
759 Other Dipped Latex Products (Industrial Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Transfusion Tubes, etc.)
760 Other Natural, Essential Oils
761 Oxalic Acid from Molasses
762 Oxalic Acid from Tree Bark
763 Oxalic Acid from Waste Vegetables
764 Oxygen Gas Plant (Air Separation Method)
765 Paints
766 Paints Driers (Naphthenates, Octoates and Linoleates)
767 Paper Bags
768 Paper Board Cartons
769 Paper Cones Used in Textile Industries)
770 Paper Cups and Saucers
771 Paper Envelopes
772 Paper Napkins Including Facial Tissue Napkins
773 Paper Stickers & Transfer Labels
774 Paper Straps (Packing Material)
775 Paper Tubes (Used in Textile Industries)
776 Para-Amino Benzoic Acid
777 Para-Amino Phenol
778 Paraben (Preservatives for Cosmetics, Glue, Paste and Gum Industries)
779 Paracetamol & Paraminophenol
780 Paradichlorobenzene Balls / Cubes (For Moth Repellents)
781 Pectin from Raw Papaya
782 Perfumery Compound
783 Phenol Formal Dehyde Moulding Powder
784 Phenyl
785 Phosphoric Acid from Rock Phosphate
786 Photo Emulsion for Rotary Screen Printing
787 Phthalic Abhydride
788 Phthalocyanine Blue (Pigment used in Paints)
789 Pine Oil (For Use in Soap, polishes, insecticides, deodorants, etc.)
790 Plaster of Paris Bandages
791 Plastic Bottle Caps
792 Plastic Collapsible Tubes
793 Plastic Combs
794 Plastic Flash Light Torch Cases
795 Plastic Raincoats and Other Thermo-welded Products
796 Plastics Buttons
797 Poly Vinyl Acetate
798 Polyester Resins - Unsaturated
799 Polyester Sheets
800 Polyethylene Film & Bags (Coloured & Printed)

801 Polypropylene Film
802 Polypropylene/HDPE Box Strapping
803 Polystyrene Foam Products
804 Polyurethane Foam and its Products
805 Potassium Iodate
806 Potassium Meta - bisulfate (Food Preservative and Anti-Fermentation in Breweries)
807 Potassium Nitrate
808 Potassium Per Oxy DI-Sulphate
809 Potassium Per Sulphate
810 Potassium Permanganate
811 Potassium Silicate & Calcium Silicate (As Binder in Adhesives & used in Soaps & Textiles)
812 Potassium Sulphate (Fertilizer Grade)
813 Potassium/Sodium Iodide (Laboratory Chemicals)
814 Power Alcohol
815 Precipitated Cilica (Used as Filler in Rubber Re-inforcing)
816 PVC Compounds
817 PVC Pipe Fitting
818 PVC Resin from Ethyl Akcohol
819 PVC/Polythene Flexible Hoses
820 Pyridine & Its Derivatives
821 Pyrozolones (Dye Intermediate)
822 Reactive Dyes (Cyanuric Chloride-Based)
823 Reclamation of Nickel Spent Catalyst from Vanaspati Industry
824 Reclamation of Spent Bleaching Earth
825 Rectified Spirit from Molasses & Mahua Flowers
826 Rectified Spirit from Rice Straw
827 Red Oxide Paint/Primer (Anti Corrosive) Based Organic Red Pigments
828 Removal of Antimony from Lead Scrap
829 Resorcinol
830 Rigid PVC Pipes
831 Rosin and Turpentine Oil
832 Rubber Blowing Agent - Hexamine Based (Ingredient for Rubber-Moulded Products)
833 Rubber Eraser
834 Rubber Goods (Moulded) - Play Balls, Bushes, ‘O’ Rings, Shock Absorbers, Mattresses, etc.
835 Rubber Tubes -To Convey Water, Corrosive Chemicals, Gases
836 Rubberized Canvas Hoses - For Fire Fighting, Conveying Fluids and Chemicals in Farms, etc.
837 Rubberized Cloth - For Water Proofing of Garments for use in Tyres, Conveyor Belts, etc.
838 Saccharin
839 Salicylic Acid
840 Sandal Wood Oil
841 Santonin
842 Sealing Wax
843 Shoe Polish
844 Silica Gel (Blue Self Indicating Process)
845 Silicon Emulsion
846 Silicon from Rice Husk
847 Silicon Resins
848 Silicon Spray
849 Silver Brazing Foil
850 Silver Extraction from Waste Hypo Solution

851 Silver Parts for Ceramic Capacitor
852 Single Super Phosphate and Mixed Fertilizer (NPK)
853 Single Super Phosphate and Sulphuric Acid
854 Soda Ash
855 Sodium Aluminate
856 Sodium Bi-Carbonate (Baking Soda) from Soda Ash
857 Sodium Chromate
858 Sodium Corboxy Methyl Cellulose
859 Sodium Cyclamate
860 Sodium Dichromate
861 Sodium Dichromate and Sodium Sulphate as By Products
862 Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate
863 Sodium Hydrosulfite
864 Sodium Hypo Chloride (Bleaching Liquor)
865 Sodium Iso-Propyl Xanthate
866 Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
867 Sodium Nitrate
868 Sodium Petroleum Sulphonate (Emulsifier)
869 Sodium Sulphate (Anhydrous)
870 Sodium Sulphide (Used in Leather Industry)
871 Sodium Thiocyanate (Used in Processing Colour Films, Dying and Printing Textiles, etc)
872 Sodium Thiosulphate (Hypo) - Uses in Photography, Leather Tanning, Cosmetics, Paper
873 Sodium Tri-Poly Phosphate
874 Sodium/Potassium Citrate (For Use in Pharmaceutical Formulations)
875 Softener (Cationic, Anionic & Non Ionic)
876 Solder Flux
877 Spectacles Frames by using Cellulose Nitrate Sheets and Metallic Rods
878 Stannous Chloride
879 Starch Acid Modified Starch
880 Stearates Manufacture (Calcium, Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium Stearates)
881 Sulfanilic Acid
882 Sulphur from Pyrites and Slag
883 Sulphur Powder (Used in Sugar, Pyrotechniques and Explosives)
884 Sulphuric Acid
885 Sulphuric Acid from DCDA Process
886 Super Phosphate
887 Surgical Gloves
888 Synthetic Adhesive (Rubber Based)
888 (i) Synthetic Musk
889 Synthetic Iron Oxide (Yellow)
890 Tartaric Acid and Salts (Tartrates) - Used in Drugs
891 Teleprinter Rolls and Tapes
892 Toilet Paper Rolls & Sheets
893 Toluene and SBP from Crude Naphtha
894 Tooth Brush
895 Tooth Paste
896 Tooth Powder
897 Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride
898 Triphenyl Phosphite (TPP)
899 Typewriter Ribbon
900 Tyres and Tubes (Cycle)

901 Undecylinic Acid
902 Urea Formaldehyde & Mela-Mine Formaldehyde Powder
903 Vinyl Acetate Monomer
904 Washing Soap/ Laundry Soap
905 Watch Straps - PVC
906 Water Soluble Wood Preservatives
907 Wax Candles
908 Wax Coated Paper (Used as Wrapping Material)
909 Wire Drawing Lubricant
910 Wire Enamel
911 Wood Polish French Polish (Used for Warnishing Wooden Articles/Furnitures)
912 Xanthates
913 Zinc Chloride
914 Zinc Chloride (Used in Industries, Agriculture, Laboratories)
915 Zinc Cyanide (For Electroplating)
916 Zinc Distillation from Metallic Oxides
917 Zinc Metal from Zinc Ash
918 Zinc Nitrate
919 Zinc Oxide (Used as Pigment in Paints)
920 Zinc Phosphate
921 Zinc Phosphating By Cold Process
922 Zinc Silicate
923 Zinc Stearate
924 Zinc Sulphate (Micro Nutrient for Crops)

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925 Aerated Water (Cola, Orange, Lime & Soda)
926 Alcoholic Beverages and Vinegar from Coconut Water
927 Anti Scale Compound for Adding into Sugar Juice Boiling
928 Apple Juice Concentrates & Dehydrated Fruit & Vegetables
929 Artificial Fish Meal for Poultry Feed
930 Automatic Biscuit Plant
931 Baby Cereal Food and Milk Powder
932 Bacteria for Cane Juice
933 Baker’s Yeast
934 Bakery Gel
935 Bakery Industry
936 Baking Powder, Jelly Crystals, Custard Powder, Ice Cream Powder
937 Banana Processing
938 Banana Puree
939 Basmati Rice Milling
940 Beer & Wine
941 Betalnut (Supari) Sweet
942 Biscuits
943 Brandy
944 Bread (Automatic) Plant
945 Bread and Biscuits (Bakery Plant)
946 Breeding Farm Buttom Mushroom
947 Canning of Fruits & Vegetables
948 Canning of Meat & Allied Products
949 Casein and By-Products
950 Cashew Feni

951 Cashew Nut Kernel Extraction from Cashew Nut Fruit
952 Cashew Nut Shell Liquid and Kernel Processing
953 Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Oil
954 Cateceu (By Chemical Process)
955 Cationic Starch
956 Cattle Feed / Poultry Feed
957 Cattle Feed from Tapioca
958 Cheese, Butter and Yogurt
959 Chewing Gum
960 Chicken/Sheep Meat Processing
961 Chocolate
962 Cigarette and Beedies
963 Citrus Oil & Pectin (From Citrus Waste for Use in Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Bakery)
964 Cocoa Butter from Cocoa Mass
965 Coconut Processing (Coconut Oil, Desiccated Coconut)
966 Coconut Processing Unit
967 Cold Drinks
968 Cold Storage Capacity 400 Tonnes
969 Collection of Milk & Packing in Polythene Pouch (1/2 kg. 1 kg. 2 kg.)
970 Collection of Milk and Making Milk Powder
971 Condensed Milk (Sweetened)
972 Confectionery Industry (Toffee & Candy Semi-Automatic Plant)
973 Confectionery Items (Vanilla, Orange, Pineapple, Chocolate, Coconut, Cardamom and Other Essence)
974 Corn Flakes
975 Country Liquor from Molasses
976 Cultivation and Processing Caffein from Tea Waste
977 Dairy Farm and Dairy Milk Products (Pasteurised Milk, Butter, Ghee, Paneer)
978 Dairy Farm to Produce Milk & Packing in Pouches (50%) & Can (50%)
979 Dairy Plant
980 Dal Mill Unit
981 Dehydrated Onions and Onion Powder
982 Dehydration of Carrot & Garlic
983 De-Hydration of Fruits and Vegetables
984 Distillery Unit (Ethyl Alcohol from Molasses)
985 Dry Ice by Breaking of Air
986 Drying of Red Chillis, Haldi, Dhania and Green Peas
987 Egg Powder (40,000 Eggs Processing Per Day) Essence for Biscuit
988 Energy Foods (using Groundnuts, Bengal Gram, Etc.)
989 Export of Processed Foods and Marine Products
990 Extruded Protein Rich Foods
991 Fish Canning & Pouching
992 Fish Farming (Prawn and Other Marine Products)
993 Fish Meal
994 Fish Processing
995 Fish/Prawn Pickle
996 Flavoured Milk and Ghee
997 Flour Mill and Mustard Oil
998 Food Colour
999 Food Flavours (Whisky, Vodka, Grape, Butter, Scotch)
1000 Fried & Roasted Groundnut Gram, Peas, etc. in Pouches

1001 Frog Legs Processing
1002 Frozen Meat Processing
1003 Fruit & Vegetable Drying (Freeze Drying Method)
1004 Fruit Juice Making and Packing in Plastic Container/Pouches
1005 Fruit Juice, Jam, Jellies & Allied Products
1006 Fruit Juices, Nectars and Beverages
1007 Fruit Juices, Pickles Processing & Canning
1008 Fruit Processing (Jam & Jellies)
1009 Ginger & Garlic Processing
1010 Ginger Oil and Ginger Dust
1011 Goat & Sheep Farming
1012 Goat Breeding Farming (For Mutton Purposes)
1013 Gram Dal/Pulse Mill
1014 Grape Dehydration
1015 Ground and Processed Spices
1016 Ground Nut Oil
1017 Guar Gum
1018 Gur (Jaggery)
1019 Hard Boiled Candy (Toffee Golie)
1020 Herbal Cigarette
1021 Honey Processing and Packaging
1022 Ice Cream
1023 Ice Cream Stabilizer
1024 Ice Making Plant
1025 Indian Made Foreign Liquor
1026 Indigo Carmine (Food Grade) from Synthetic and Natural Sources
1027 Instant Food (Idli Mix, Dosa Mix, Sambhar Mix, Vada Mix, Gulab Jamun Mix)
1028 Instant Food (Instant Food + Fast Food) Parlour
1029 Instant Food Mixes
1030 Instant Noodle
1031 Instant Tea
1032 Integrated Starch Baking Powder/Yeast Industry
1033 Iodized Salt
1034 Iodized Salt (Ordinary Moisture Less/Free Flowing in Plastic Bags and Containers)
1035 Kattha (Used in Paan) and Cutchu (Vegetable Tanning Material)
1036 Khandsari Sugar & IMFL
1037 Lactic Acid from White Sugar by Fermentation Process
1038 Lactose and By Products Processing from Milk
1039 Liquid Glucose and its By Products
1040 Macroni
1041 Malt Extraction from Barley
1042 Mango Processing (Mango Pulp, Juice & Slices)
1043 Mayur Brand Type Chewing Tobacco
1044 Milk Powder
1045 Milk Preservation & Marketing to Whole Sellers (In Pouch Packing by UHT Technology)
1046 Milk Processing and Packaging of Milk Product
1047 Milk Products (Casein, Lactose, Ghee & Whey Powder)
1048 Milk Toffee (Chocolates)
1049 Mineral Water
1050 Mini Flour Mill

1051 Mini Sugar Plant
1052 Misri (Pearl Sugar Candies)
1053 Modern Rice Mill
1054 Murabba
1055 Mushroom Cultivation & Processing
1056 Mustard/Rape Seed Oil
1057 Mutton Tallow
1058 Non Basmati Rice from Paddy
1059 Oleoresin Extraction from Diptero-Carput Turminatus and Pinuskhasyana
1060 Oleoresin from Chilli & Ginger
1061 Oleoresin, Essential Oil, Dyes & Powder of Spices
1062 Oleoresins and Spice Oil (Spice Extracts)
1063 Pan Masala, Tobacco, Zarda & Kimam
1064 Paneer from Milk
1065 Papad and Bariyan Plant
1066 Papad Making
1067 Papain from Papaya (Papaya Latex)
1068 Pectin from Apple Pomace
1069 Pectin from Mango Peel
1070 Pickle and Sauces
1071 Pickles Murabba etc. (Veg. & Non Veg. Pickles)
1072 Pickles, Preserves and Chutneys
1073 Piggery Meat Processing
1074 Pineapple Juice Prepatation & Packaging
1075 Poha (Rice Flakes)
1076 Potato Powder
1077 Potato Processing
1078 Poultry Feed
1079 Processed Foods & Spices (EOU)
1080 Processed Readymade Food
1081 Processing of Fruits and Vegetables
1082 Rasgullas Making and Canning in Metal Cans
1083 Ready to Eat Snacks Food (Crax, Roll & Ball Type)
1084 Rice and Corn Flakes
1085 Rice Milling
1086 Roasted and Salted Cashew Nuts
1087 Roller Flour Mill
1088 Rooties (Thin Dustered)
1089 Salt Licks for Cattle
1090 Sausages Food Casing
1091 Sesame Oil
1092 Silver Coated Sugar Balls
1093 Soft Drinks
1094 Soft Drinks (Non-Car Bonated) Mango, Lichhi, Pineapple Flavours, Frooti Type in Tertrapack
1095 Soft Drinks Essences
1096 Softy Ice Cream Cones (Fully Automatic)
1097 Soya Milk & Paneer
1098 Soyabean Products
1099 Squashes and Syrups
1100 Starch & Allied Products from Broken Rice

1101 Starch from Tamarind Seeds
1102 Starch/Sago from Tapioca
1103 Sugar Cane Juice Preservation
1104 Sugar Cubes from Cane Sugar
1105 Sugar Plant
1106 Sweet Aroma Betel Nut
1107 Synthetic Hing
1108 Synthetic Tallow
1109 Tamarind Concentrate
1110 Tamarind Juice Powder
1111 Tamarind Powder
1112 Tea and Coffee Processing and Packaging
1113 Toffees, Golies, Candy (Hard Boiled)
1114 Tomato Products
1115 Tuty Fruity
1116 Vermicelli & Macaroni
1117 Vinegar
1118 Vodka from Potatoes
1119 Wheat Milling
1120 Wine, Brandy, Whisky and Champagne
1121 Yeast from Molasses
1122 Yoghurt
1123 Zarda – Zafrani (Baba Chhap Type)
1124 Zarda, Kimam No. 60, 90, 120, 160, 240, 300 & 400 (Tobacco)

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1125 Asbestos Pipe and Fittings (For Households)
1126 Ceramic Table-Wares and Allied Items in Stoneware, Earthen Ware, Semi Vitreous Ware
1127 Chalk Crayons
1128 Chemical Porcelain
1129 Coal Briquettes (Used as Fuel in "chullahs" in Households, Small Restaurants/Hotels)
1130 Coke Briquettes (Used as Fuel in "chullahs" in Households)
1131 Decoration of Glass Wares (Through Silk Screen and Hand-painting Process)
1132 Flooring Tiles
1133 Fancy Glass Articles (By Mouth Blown and Hand Shaped Process)
1134 Fire Clay Bricks and Blocks
1135 Floor Tiles - Cement Concrete
1136 Glass Flooring Tiles
1137 Graphite Crucibles (Various Sizes for Melting ferrous/Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys)
1138 Glass Bangles
1139 Glass Pressed Wares (Soda Lime Silica Glass tumblers, Plates, Bowls, Ashtrays, Vases)
1140 Glass Beads
1141 Glass Hollow Toys
1142 Glass Solid Toys
1143 Glazed Tiles
1144 Glass Tubings (For Scientific Glass Apparatus)
1145 Glass Hallow Wares (Mouth Blown and/or Semi-Automatic Process to Produce Bottles, etc.)
1146 Glass Marbles
1147 Hydrated Lime
1148 Low-Tension Porcelain Insulators (For Electrical Appliances and Products)
1149 Lime - Used as Mortar by Mixing Sand and Surkhee (Burnt Clay) as Aggregate
1150 Mosaic Floor Tiles (Also called ‘Terrazzo’, Made of Cement Concrete and Coloured Stones)

1151 Micro-Cover Glasses and Slides for Microscope
1152 Plaster Boards (Of Plaster of Paris, Hessian, Sisal Fibres, Jute or Coconut Coir as Reinforce)
1153 Plaster of Paris
1154 Reinforced Cement Concrete Pipes (Up to 100 CM Diameter)
1155 Roofing Tiles (Clay)
1156 Roofing Tiles (Glass)
1157 Simple Glass Mirrors
1158 Salt Glazed Sewer Pipes
1159 Scientific Laboratory Glassware
1160 Stoneware Jars and Bowls
1161 Sodium Silicate (Called ‘Water Glass’ formed by Melting Sand and Soda)
1162 Silicon Carbide Crucibles
1163 Tailor’s Chalk (For Drawing Lines on Cloth, Made of Fine China Clay , Talc and Additives)
1164 Thermometers (Range Up to 150 Degree Centigrade)


1165 Coffee Roaster
1166 Donut Making Plant
1168 Induction Furnace Billets
1169 Wine from Banana
1170 Smart Card (Plastic Card utilised as Credit Card)
1171 Instant Coffee
1172 Aluminium Chloride
1173 Lithopone
1174 Zinc Sulphate
1175 Activated Carbon from Rice Husk and Coconut Shell/Saw Dust
1176 Alum from Bauxite

1177 Scents and Perfumes
1178 Hand Made Paper from Waste Paper
1179 Milk Processing Plant
1180 Drive Train Components
1181 Tyre Retreading Materials

1182 Super Enamelled Aluminium & Copper Wires
1183 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
1184 Oxalic Acid from Sugar

1185 Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate
1186 Toilet Paper & Napkin
1187 M.S. Ingots by Induction Furnace
1188 Printing Oil for Ceramic Glazed Tiles

1189 Mild Steel Section Mill
1190 Oleoresins from Marigold Petals
1191 Plastic Granules & Powder
Steel Grating Manufacturing Plant
1193 Switch Board and Control Panel Board

1194 Three Star Hotel
1195 Synthetic Zeolite
1196 Cement from Clinker
1197 Transportation, Logistic & Shipping

1198 Clove Oil
1199 R. F. Coaxial Cables
1200 Garbage Waste Collection Container
1201 Footwear Industry

1202 Stainless Steel Pipes
1203 Stainless Steel Wire Drawings

1204 Protein from soyabean
1205 Five Star Hotel

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