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It is one of Microsoft’s seven divisions, with 3800 employees, 4500 partners, 40 years in industry and more than 352000 satisfied customers worldwide. Microsoft Business Solutions applications optimize strategic business processes across.

Retail Management
Financial Management
Supply Chain Management
Production, Analytics
Human Resources Management
Project Management
Customer Relationship Management
Field Service Management

With a customer-base of more than 352000 worldwide, Microsoft® Business Solutions is preferred for its

Richness of functionality
Ease of use
Ease of customization and
Lower total cost of ownership

Industry leaders worldwide have chosen to use Microsoft Business Solutions including Holmens, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, DHL, Nokia, Motorola, adidas, BASF, Good Year, Philips, Xerox, Suzuki, Tivoli, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Jula, TNT, Pentax, IKEA, Swatch, AC Nielsen to name a few.

About Microsoft Business Solutions India Operation

With the experience gained through more than 350 satisfied customers, India operation is the fastest growing integrated business solutions provider in the growing enterprise segment in Indian subcontinent

Business Benefits:
The software being from the world’s largest and most reputed organization, Microsoft®, ensures complete reliability and insurance against future technology disturbance/obsolescence
Complete localization is built in, viz. Sales Tax, Service Tax, Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), VAT, Excise, etc.
Seamless integration of all functional areas with powerful, easy-to-use features in each of Retail Management, Financials, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Human Resource, Payroll, CRM, Production with the flexibility of picking and choosing the set of functionalities that you need today. Hence you invest only for the set of functionalities that your organization is going to use today
Built-in best practices
Future changes in government regulation for Local Govt. will be productized and provided to the customer
State-of-the art application and database security
Fast to implement
Complete support from Functional & Technical Experts of Ontrack Systems Limited during and post-implementation stage
Does not need costly hardware resources
Ease of maintenance in post-implementation stage
Low learning curve for across user strata since the philosophy of Microsoft® Business Solutions is ease of use and navigation
Lower total cost of ownership

Ontrack’s MBS Services:

Ontrack Systems has been the most successful and prominent Microsoft Business Solution Partner in India. Microsoft Business Solutions Partners are a network k of value-added resellers. They are responsible for marketing, sales, implementations, customizations and support of Microsoft Business Solutions products in their local as well as in overseas markets. Ontrack’s committed Navision team comprises of Functional Experts, Product Specialists, Technologists, and Project Managers whose collective performance makes Ontrack the one-stop E-Business solution provider, when your business productivity really matters.

Ontrack offers MBS products to clients with customisation and implementation services as an integral offering. Our team had been implementing MBS at select industries and this will help in quicker implementations in future. Ontrack’s services are open to other Microsoft Solution Partners and clients worldwide. We offer our services on offshore, onsite and near shore basis. Combining our Offshore Development model with the Gap Analysis, Implementation and Training onsite brings to you the 'India cost advantage’.

Some of our Clients:

Clients across diverse verticals have started to recognize Ontrack’s capability as a competent Microsoft Business Solution provider. Needless to say, new clients continue to enrich Ontrack’s MBS client base. Some of our valued clients include - Peerless Hospital, Atlas Cycle (Haryana) Ltd., Imeco Ltd., Moviewallah Communications (P) Ltd., Khadim's, Jalan Infotech (P) Ltd., Ideal Movers Pvt. Ltd., Kilburn, GP Ocean, Bengal Park Chambers Housing Development Ltd., Tai Industries Ltd. (C3-The MarketPlace), Geant Stores, Fu-Com India Pvt. Ltd. etc.


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