Did you know?

India is one of the few, if any, emerging markets where you can sue the government if you think you should. Ask Enron and Kentucky Fried Chicken if you don't believe us!

Why you must have a local attorney

India is not as litigatious a country as the United States is, but is also not one of those countries where foreigners are afraid to seek local justice. In recent years, the US-based power giant, Enron Corporation, was all set to drag a state government to court for alleged breach of contract, but the matter was fortunately settled outside court with Enron emerging with an even bigger contract though at a slightly lower pre-agreed price per unit power supply. Another US company, Kentucky Fried Chicken, actually won a court order asking that it be allowed to re-open business after local authorities had shut it down following a discovery of two mosquitoes in the kitchen. These two examples show that law is supreme in India and can even demand the prime minister to appear in court if necessary in the interests of justice.

Foreign companies doing business in, or with, India, are strongly advised to appoint an attorney just like an insurance. India has a highly developed statute book and intricate aspects of law cannot be comprehended by casual reading of 'Law in One Minute' books. How do you go about selecting an attorney?

We recommend that you use our panel of highly qualified consultants to help you find a high-calibre attorney for a reasonable fee. If you are interested in this offer, please let us know by e-mail.

If you do not wish to use our services, there are other methods to locate your business consultant and market researcher in India. Most embassies and consulates in India maintain a list of such consultants which they would recommend to companies and individuals from their countries. You can also ask the Indian diplomatic mission in your country to help you find one. Consulting embassies or consulates, either Indian or of your own country, is one method, and a good one.

Another method is to choose by references from people you know well in India. The disadvantage here is that the people who you refer to, despite their best intentions, may not really be aware of the competence of the the advisors they recommend. Often, friends met at the cocktail circuit tend to be recommended.

Should you need our assistance to locate an attorney for you, please send us an e-mail.