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"IndiaOneStop.Com is a very impressive endeavor and one that is very much needed" 
The World Bank Group
(South Asia External  Relations)

"Our business with India is growing everyday, thanks to IndiaOneStop.Com's services"
Mr. Howard Waddell, Albion Armorers, Germantown, MD, United States of America.

Why IndiaOneStop.Com

  • IndiaOneStop.Com is the gimmick-free, India-focussed interactive global website for serious business visitors. That is why it is attracting global-minded Indian and non-Indian business people interested in making business contacts worldwide. That is also why IndiaOneStop assures advertisers high quality reach and value for money.

  • The business-specific nature of IndiaOneStop.Com rules out the possibility of "a million hits a day." A serious website, with nothing of interest to non-business surfers, CANNOT be assessed by the quantity of visitors to the exclusion of the QUALITY. Within the intrinsic limitations to the public popularity of any specialised website, IndiaOneStop attracts over 4.6 million page hits a month (source: Verio Inc.) (An NTT Communications Company) server statistics provided by Urchin Software Corporation, an independent web monitoring service.

  • By advertising in IndiaOneStop.Com, Indian companies will be able to address a specifically-targeted Indian, NRI and international business community with an actual or potential interest in India. Likewise, non-Indian companies can target Indian companies who might be their potential associates in India.

  • As our visitor profile shows, 78 per cent of our visitors are business owners or senior managers. These are decision-making groups and therefore the prime targets for business advertising. At the same time, these are also high income groups with a propensity for the finer things in life. IndiaOneStop is therefore an ideal platform not only for business advertising, BUT ALSO for promotion of lifestyle and investment products and services.


Advertising options

Advertisements in IndiaOneStop.Com can be in the form of BANNERS or PANELS, animated or still. We follow the same display options as prescribed by the Internet Advertising Bureau. On this page however we give details of the two most popular options. If you are interested in shapes and sizes of banners other than the ones described on this page, please ask us for details by e-mail.

A popular rectangular banner is 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high.

thisisbanner.gif (8712 bytes)

A popular square panel is square is 125 pixels wide and 125 pixels high.

thisispanel.gif (5159 bytes)


Advertising rates

Position of banner

Price per banner per month

Home Page - Top of the page Rs. 25,000 or US$631
                      - Lower positions Rs. 20,000 or US$505
Trade Board - Top of the page Rs. 22,000 or US$556
                       - Next to "Post your offer" link Rs. 20,000 or US$505
Tenders page - Top of the page Rs. 20,000 or US$505
                          - Lower positions

Rs. 16,000 or US$404

First page of Classified Directory Rs. 22,000 or US$556
Other pages - Top position Rs. 16,000 or US$404
                       - Lower positions Rs. 12,000 or US$303


PANEL (125 x 125 pixels) ADVERTISEMENTS
Note: all panels will appear in the left column of the specified pages
Page on which panel appears

Price per banner per month

Home Page Rs. 20,000 or US$505
Trade Board Rs. 17,000 or US$429
Tenders page Rs. 15,000 or US$379
First page of Classified Directory Rs. 17,000 or US$429
Other pages Rs. 12,000 or US$303


Discounts on term bookings
Duration of advertising


For one or two months


Three successive months booked at one time 5.0 per cent
Four to six successive months booked at one time 7.5 per cent
Seven to nine successive months booked at one time 10 per cent
Ten to twelve successive months booked at one time 12.5 per cent

Payment terms

  • All payments must be made by cheque or bank draft denominated in Indian rupees or US dollars and issued in favour of "Ontrack Systems Limited"  and  drawn on a bank or financial company with retail operations in Calcutta,  India. The payment must be couriered to Ontrack Systems Limited, Attn: Mr. C. V. Aiyar, 'Ontrack House', 19, Ekdalia Road, Kolkata - 700019, India.

  • For term bookings, fluctuations in exchange rate will NOT be taken into account.

  • Full payment for the period booked must be made against a pro forma invoice which will be sent to the client by e-mail. Conventional (i.e. printed) pro forma invoice will NOT be sent UNLESS specifically asked by the client. Full payment must be effected BEFORE the display of advertisement starts.


Refund on premature termination of contract

  • The provision of refund applies only if a term booking for MORE THAN three months is prematurely terminated with at least a 30-day prior notice.

  • In such a case, refund of payment for the remaining months will be made AFTER adjustment of the discounts that were offered at the time of booking. In other words, no discount will be applicable if a term booking is prematurely terminated.

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  • Simple banners and panels will be designed by us free of cost.

  • More complicated displays will either have to be sent to us electronically or paid for separately at the rate of Rs. 1,000 per day for the number of days required to prepare the banner from conceptualisation to approval by the client.


(advertisers who already have their own website or home page may ignore this section)

  • All banners or panels will be linked to the client's website or home page if so desired by the client. It doesn't matter to us which web hosting service you are using.

  • If the client does not have a home page, or website, we can make and host ONE page FREE OF COST. In such cases, the client's home page's URL will be where X=client's name. This page will be hosted on the IndiaOneStop website for as long as the advertisement is displayed.

  • If MORE THAN ONE PAGE is required by the advertiser, a charge of Rs. 1,200 per additional page PER ANNUM will be applicable. No discounts are applicable for this service.

  • If a client wants to retain his or her her web page/s on the IndiaOneStop.Com website even after his advertisement contract with us has expired, then our normal web hosting charges will be applicable.



If you have read all of the above and still need any clarification, please e-mail your queries to us at

To place your order, please fill out our order form.

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