IndiaOneStop.Com was founded by a group of Indian media and infotech professionals in Dubai in January 1998 and has been online since June 1998.

The site was acquired by Ontrack Systems Limited, Kolkata, India, in July 2000.

IndiaOneStop.Com's sole objective is to enhance global business interest in India by dissemination of hard facts and informed insights without resort to PR gimmicks or cleverly-worded lies. Indeed, we have an excellent product: India.

To help position an emerging economy in the fiercely competitive global arena is no easy task. However, we at IndiaOneStop.Com flatter ourselves in the knowledge that we generated new international business for India right in our first month online.

And, as you read this, we are generating more.


Website and E-Commerce development (onshore and offshore projects) through our parent company, Ontrack Systems Limited, Kolkata, India.
Online book sales (as an affiliate of BarnesandNoble.Com)
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